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Reach for your Goals 

With humor and humility, Patrick Lussier will seduce you. His rich experience as an entrepreneur and world-class athlete is the backbone to his vitality as he recounts his race situations while making a parallel with the work environment.

His many years spent working toward reaching his athletic goals are laced with feelings of accomplishment, moments of great personal satisfaction as well as many setbacks that allowed him to become an incredibly accomplished athlete.

He draws his energy from the culmination of his dreams and communicates it to participants in a simple and humble manner. His desire to inspire others to reach their full potential led him to share his experiences by offering a new and positive perspective on work and life in general. Through this conference, he also uses various challenges that he created as tools for participants to learn more effectively.

Carte avec boussole

This conference‐workshop aims to:

  • Strengthen bonds between co-workers through various exercises aimed at team effectiveness;
  • Foster pride in the team, a sense of belonging and wellbeing in the workplace;
  • Discover your colleagues with respect and openness;
  • Motivate the troops to look ahead and to set common goals.

This conference‐workshop focuses on interactions and raises a number of positive points in relation to the work environment while allowing participants to be actively equipped.

Patrick is back from the Adventure Racing World Championships that was held in September 2012. His lecture is punctuated with examples of actions he had take with his team to reach the finish line of this 7-day non-stop expedition race, in complete autonomy. He talks about his role and the role of the support team to reach the ultimate goal: cross the finish line amongst the best teams in the World.

Conference workshop led by Patrick Lussier:

  • Groups of 10 to 35 participants
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Cost: $1,600