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Frequently asked questions

A few answers to frequently asked questions.



Do you only offer outdoor activities?

Outeractive Experiences specializes in outdoor activities but has created many indoor concepts to accommodate its clients when the rainy season is on.

Can children participate in your activities?

Outeractive Experiences adapts its activities to include children and ensure they are able to participate in the success of their team. We have created many children activities tailored to specific age groups (treasure hunts, Olympic-style games, etc.).

What happens in case of rain?

Outeractive Experiences offers its outdoor activities all-year-long and provides ponchos for rainy days. Outeractive’s motto: flexibility! A client who wishes to reserve an alternative activity and decides a few hours prior to the event to opt for the outdoor or indoor version is welcome to do so. Our contract clauses are all negotiable before it is signed, and we are very flexible when an activity must be cancelled due to a meteorological watch.

Can you offer bilingual sessions?

All our activities are presented and produced in both official Canadian languages. Our staff is bilingual and the activity presentation can be done in the language of your choice. If you need adaptation in other languages, feel free to ask us. (All activity material can be translated, and we can provide an interpreter for an activity presented in other languages than English, French, Spanish and Norwegian)

What can we do if we have participants of reduced mobility?

Depending on the activity, a person of reduced mobility will be given specifically adapted tasks that will allow him or her to participate in the team’s progress.

Can you coordinate our travel arrangements or help us with meeting room rentals?

Outeractive Experiences and its renowned partners can coordinate all elements surrounding your event (room rental, lodging, transportation, meeting planning, etc.).