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Passport adventure
CSI – Crime Scene Investigation Condensed 24-in-2

Passport adventure 

An adventure leading teams on a course that will invite each participant to work in synergy and strategically move from one check point to the next in order to be the first team to cross the finish line with a fully-stamped passport.

CSI – Crime Scene Investigation 

Take part in a fictional and exciting crime scene investigation! Equipped with detective kits, teams search throughout the area for clues to help them solve the crime. When a stage is completed, teams have access to new evidence to solve the mystery. The winning team will be the first to handcuff the culprit!

Condensed 24-in-2 

Défi 24h

Recreate the scenario of a terrorist cell before the worst happens! Adventure filled with thrilling challenges: bomb deactivation, decoding of secret messages and witness interrogation...

All elements are inspired from after the famous TV series 24.

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