Sustainable and Eco Teambuilding 

Outeractive Experiences’ mission is based on a simple principle: allow participants to live a unique and fulfilling experience. From the beginning, eco and social values of the company were meant to minimize the impact of its activities on the environment while contributing to social causes. This is why, in 2008, Outeractive Experiences’ founders launched its line of sustainable teambuilding activities. To contribute to a green project or to a charity while bringing a team together seemed like a winning combination! Our concepts are adapted to the participating company’s environmental or social mission, thus perfectly combining experiential teambuilding with sustainable development.

Also, if you opt for one of our sustainable activities, Outeractive Experiences will donate 1% of the total profit to a social or environmental organization!

Offset your carbon emissions:

Give 10 to 25 cents per participant to compensate your carbon emissions, and Outeractive Experiences will double the amount! Funds raised will be donated to a Carbon Fund.

Eco Bike Construction 


Through a series of teambuilding challenges or within a pedestrian rally, teams gather bike parts and tools that will allow them, during the ultimate stage, to assemble a bike under the supervision of specialized technicians. Bikes can then be used as a green mean of transportation at the company’s headquarters or can be donated to a charitable organization. We guarantee this step will bring tears to the eyes of all participants!

This activity can take place indoor or outdoor.

Tree planting or waterfront restoration 

Take your troops along in an eco task while allowing them to bond as a team. The different stages necessary to accomplish the chosen task are presented as competitive workshops.

Social Construction 

Construct children parks or assemble IKEA-type furniture that will be donated to needy families. A series of tasks and challenges allow teams to accumulate parts and tools to assemble the final product.

Eco Activities Examples 

Bat-house construction
Compost box construction

CONGRATULATIONS to the following clients for their efforts toward sustainable development!

These concepts are fully tailored to your needs and ideas.
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